The DV Mark Silver Generation Amps will bring about a much easier lifestyle for every musicians around the world. Thanks to our cutting-edge proprietary technology we can offer affordable and great sounding amps, easy-to-use, reliable and ultra-portable… improving the quality of musicians life, making it easier!


As in the previous DVC GUITAR FRIEND 12 best seller combo this updated version features two channels (clean/lead) with very easy-to-use controls, reverb,  aux in jack (for CD or MP3 player) and mini-plug headphone jack, plus a send/return FX loop to interface
your favorite stompboxes and multieffect units.

The DVC GUITAR FRIEND 12 II delivers a classic tone, focused sound and 50W of power in an ultra-compact and ultra-transportable design, its Input special circuit is optimized to perfectly interface with all the most used guitar effects. The Dual Voltage Switch 120V/240V allows to use the amp in countries with different voltages! 

This new version of our little powerhouse 12” combo is ready to become more and more a loyal friend of you and your guitars respecting your and their personality.

At DV Mark, Marco De Virgiliis invested a lot of resouces in R&D to develope a proprietary power amp technology, designed to respect and glorify the tone of your instrument.



Power output: 50W @ 8ohm / 60W @ 4ohm

Preamp: Solid State

Power Amp: MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology)

Channels: two (clean / lead)


Controls (clean ch): Level / EQ: bass-mid-high

Controls (lead ch): Level / Drive / EQ: bass-high

Effect: Reverb


Speaker outputs: 4 ohms minimum load 

Speaker size:
one 1x12” DV Mark Custom

Speaker Power Handling / Impedance:
150W RMS (AES Standard) / 8 ohms


Other features: 

Footswitch input for channels switch 

Headphone OUT
Send/Return FX loop

Dual Voltage selector 120V/240V*
*(not available on the 100V version manufactured for Japan)


Dimensions (W/H/D):
16.73" / 42.5 cm | 16.34" / 41.5 cm | 11.61" / 29.5 cm  

19.18 lbs / 8.7 Kg

DVC Guitar Friend12 II

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